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Full Logo - Primary Black - With Tagline_4x.jpg
Full Logo - Primary Black - With Tagline_4x.jpg
Our platform is designed with the performance arts in mind. It’s designed to be an inclusive safe space for students, amateurs and professionals (including technical staff) 

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Our aim is to encourage collaboration between people working in complementary fields. Writers can meet actors, and theatre producers and agents can have direct access to performance artists.
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The script you developed during lockdown deserves to be performed. That new concept you have needs a bit of help to see it through to fruition.
Or maybe you want to start a new youth theatre or build a new creative hub for your community.
Use Theatredor crowdfunding and see your dreams come true

Agents and companies can directly
source talent from our multi skilled
community as well as advertise for
roles and jobs
Theatres can build specific groups,
advertise upcoming productions and
roles. You can share documents, schedules,
scripts as well as publicity and media calls.
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